Teaching English abroad

If you are doing any voluntary or paid teaching work whilst away from the UK - our specialist Working Holiday policy is the policy for you.

You could be undertaking TEFL teaching, doing sports coaching or teaching art or drama, to name but a few of many potential options - we can cover each one, with the addition of the appropriate Work Pack.

Getting the right cover

Once you have done this, you have the ultimate reassurance that not only will our comprehensive travel insurance benefits protect you in your leisure time – but they will also extend to cover you in your work time too. Your employer may offer you medical insurance as one of your employment benefits, but this may just cover in-country treatment, rather than the reassurance that you have cover for repatriation too.

Crucially, if you were unlucky enough to suffer an injury at work, our Working Holiday policy would pay for the resulting medical treatment, and also pay the costs of bringing you back to the UK for treatment to continue, near your loved ones, if this was appropriate.

Our standard Walkabout and Walkabout Plus policies will cover bar, cafe, retail and admin work, but for any other type of work you will need to select the Working Holiday policy and the correct Work Pack, to ensure that you have matched your plans to the right policy.

Getting the right cover
Our Work Packs

Our Work Packs

Occupations are categorised according to their relative risks, responsibilities and working environments, so here’s how teaching professions are allocated:

Pack 1 – Teacher – includes supply, teaching/classroom assistant, TEFL teaching, University lecturer.

Pack 2 – Dance teacher, sports coach.

Pack 3 – Head Teacher, music teacher, vocational training instructor.

Our Working Holiday policies are very flexible – allowing unlimited trips back to the UK, they have a maximum duration of 2 years, and they can potentially be extended, if you contact us to let us know that you have tweaked your plans, and now plan to come back to the UK later than originally thought.

Please note that we are only able to offer cover to travellers who are resident with their main home in the UK and who are registered with a UK GP.

If you have any questions about the Working Holiday policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more. Once we have received this information, we will be able to confirm if cover can be offered and the cost of cover. We usually respond to quote enquiries the same working day or the morning of the next working day.

Take a look at our Working Holiday policy holder case study, Mhairi, who enjoyed a life-changing teaching experience in Cambodia.

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