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Travel Insurance for Regular Travellers

An Annual Multi Trip policy is a great choice if you plan to enjoy several trips away from the UK, during the course of the year.

They offer a winning combination of great-value, flexibility and the safety-net of comprehensive cover if something untoward happens on your travels.

We have three levels of multi trip policies for you to choose from: Bronze, Silver and Gold, which can be tailored to suit you. They are available for people aged up to 85 for Europe and 75 for all other destinations, and will cover an unlimited number of trips away from the UK, within the year of cover. The maximum number of days covered for each trip is either 31 or 45 depending on which policy you choose.

Our Annual Multi Trip benefits include:

Our Annual Multi Trip benefits include:

  • Cover for travellers up to 85
  • Multiple trips up to 31 or 45 days
  • Medical cover up to £10 million
  • Excess as low as £50
  • Cancellation cover up to £5000
  • A range of options including cruise,
    gadget and winter sport

Here are some important things to bear in mind, before setting up your Annual Multi Trip policy:

Make sure you choose the right area cover for all of the trips that you have coming up in the year ahead, as your chosen area, will need to encompass all of these e.g. if you have a trip to Spain planned, but are also heading to the USA later in the year, you would need to select the area cover of ‘Worldwide including USA, Canada and the Caribbean.’

You should set the start of your Annual Multi Trip to be the date that you would like ‘Cancellation cover’ to be in place, if you are unable to travel on your first booked trip as planned. If you’ve spent money on accommodation or flights, it’s important that you have bought a suitable policy, and have cancellation cover. If you already have an Annual Multi Trip policy, then you would have continuous cover, if you started your new policy for the date that your current one expires.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these medical screening questions then you will need to do either an online or telephone medical declaration, before taking out your policy. This will only need to be done before you take your policy out, but it is important that you update the medical screening team, if there are changes in your health during the year of cover.

Annual Multi Trips are often a cost-effective choice for travellers who have two or more short trips planned within a year, but if one of the trips is in a higher of area, especially ‘Worldwide including USA, Canada and the Caribbean’, it can be more cost-effective to take out separate single-trip policies. See what is the best-value for you by trying a combination of quotes, or giving us a call.

Here are some important things to bear in mind, before setting up your Annual Multi Trip policy:

A range of optional extras can be selected including:

Activity Cover

If you are participating in any of the hazardous activities listed within an activity pack higher than pack 1 then you must purchase the appropriate hazardous activity pack.

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Cruise Cover

Cover for going on a ‘Cruise’ holiday for one or more of the trips that you have planned, this also adds extra ‘Cruise benefits’ to your policy.

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Gadget cover

Upgrade the standard cover to cover theft or damage to your phone up to £2000 (normally excluded) or upgrade the standard cover for other gadgets.

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See policy wording documents for full terms and conditions relating to these covers.

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