Camp America

If you’ve decided to spend your Summer in America (or another country), where you are either in paid or voluntary work at a summer camp, you will need to investigate getting travel insurance for your time away.

There are many roles involved with keeping the camp up and running, whether it’s a job that involves regular interaction with kids, or a more logistical role. This may well vary according to your preferences, your age, and your personal skills and work experiences. Typical jobs include a sports instructor, special needs support, camp counsellor, arts and crafts, organising outdoor activities, maintenance, gardening or working in food preparation or housekeeping.

The Summer Camp experience can also offer you the opportunity of exploring a different culture and country and also developing your independence and self-confidence, and demonstrating your potential worth to a future employer or academic institution.

You might be wondering why you can’t take a standard travel insurance policy, or rely on the fact that your employer has arranged medical cover for you…

The organisation that you’re working for may well have some form of medical insurance in case you become injured or ill whilst away, but this may be confined to covering limited treatments within the country where you’re based. If a serious illness or injury occurs, you may need to be brought back to the UK for treatment to continue under the NHS, but the cost of repatriation back to the UK wouldn’t be covered by standard employer insurance.

Working Holiday policy

Is a specialist travel insurance policy which offers comprehensive travel insurance benefits such as cover for personal belongings, your personal money and travel documents

Is a specialist travel insurance policy which offers comprehensive travel insurance benefits such as cover for personal belongings, your personal money and travel documents

You also have the reassurance that should you become injured or ill whilst at work (or in your leisure time), then you will be covered for the costs of medical treatment under your policy. In order to reflect the risks and responsibilities involved with your particular role, there are four grades of Work Pack which are applied according to the role you will be doing. Take a look at the four Work Packs here. If necessary, the policy will also ensure that you are repatriated back to the UK, should it be appropriate to do so.

You can also add our optional gadget cover to your policy. This is a useful addition if you would like cover for an expensive mobile phone, laptop, camera or many other tech items. We can offer cover in partnership with specialist provider Bastion, for up to 2 years away from the UK. Please take a look here for more information, and a link to the full wordings, terms and conditions.

So, if you’re planning to work or volunteer abroad this year, please get in touch with us to discuss your individual plans with our helpful and efficient team who can ensure that, not only will you have the time of your life, but you’ll also be covered when life throws you an unexpected curveball.

A range of optional extras can be selected including:

Activity Cover

If you are participating in any of the hazardous activities listed within an activity pack higher than pack 1 then you must purchase the appropriate hazardous activity pack.

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Gadget cover

Upgrade the standard cover to cover theft or damage to your phone up to £2000 (normally excluded) or upgrade the standard cover for other gadgets.

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See policy wording documents for full terms and conditions relating to these covers.

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