Cruise cover

We are able to cover trips that involve a cruise, but please be aware that none of our policies will cover them as standard.

You can select the additional ‘Cruise cover’ option when obtaining a quote.

For the purposes of our travel insurance, a cruise is defined as ‘a pleasure voyage of more than 72 hours duration, sailing as a passenger on a purpose built ship on sea/s or oceans that may include stops at various ports.’ So, if a cruise of this length and description is part of your plans whilst away, please be aware, that you will need to upgrade your policy to reflect this.

Why do I need cruise cover?

This mode of transport/holiday can be the ultimate in relaxation, but cruises  do have specific risk-factors that make it especially important to have the correct travel insurance cover in place. Illness can spread very easily in a contained environment, and there may only be limited medical care available on board, so it’s imperative that you have extended your cover to reflect the fact that you have booked a cruise, for the ultimate peace of mind. You are then covered if, for example, you fall ill on board, and (subject to the policy terms),  need a medical evacuation to reach suitable hospital care.

It is also important to make sure that you select a policy that will offer sufficient  ‘Cancellation cover’ in the event that you are unable to go on your trip (for a reason listed as covered in the policy wording) as the amount covered by this benefit varies according to which policy you select.  In order to be fully covered for this possibility, you will need to make sure that the entire cost of your trip is covered, in case you are unable to recover this from your flight/cruise/accommodation companies.

These include:

  • Compensation if you are confined to your cabin due to injury or illness
  • Compensation if your ship is unable to berth in one of the ports on your itinerary due to severe weather or rough sea conditions
  • Compensation for the loss of pre-booked and paid-for excursions, when you or the person you are travelling with, are too ill to take part
Why do I need cruise cover?

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