Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Declaring conditions

Before purchasing one of our policies, you are required to answer a few questions about your medical history.

It is important that you answer these questions carefully and accurately.

If the answer to any of the questions is ‘yes’, you must declare the relevant conditions, treatment or medication to our underwriter’s medical screening team. This can be done either online or by telephone.

Some pre-existing medical conditions can be covered at no extra cost. However, some conditions may require an additional premium to be paid. Once you have completed the medical screening process, you will be told whether your condition can be covered and whether you need to pay an extra premium.

Please see below for further information regarding declaring pre-existing medical conditions. It’s important to note that claims will be denied if conditions haven’t been declared so if in doubt, please declare the condition, diagnosis or treatment you may have received.

If you have any of the pre-existing medical conditions listed below you are automatically covered on this insurance and you do not need to declare any of these conditions:

Acid reflux, Gastric reflux, Acne, Blindness or partial sightedness, Cataracts, Deafness (or Partial hearing loss), Glaucoma, Hay fever, Hypothyroidism, Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Polycystic ovary syndrome

Health declaration (applicable to non- automatically covered pre-existing conditions)

Health declaration (applicable to non- automatically covered pre-existing conditions)

With the exception of the conditions listed above, you must declare all medical conditions for which you have received treatment, advice or medication in the last 12 months. This can be done either online at or by telephone on +44 (0)330 660 0563.

Failure to contact us could leave you with no right to make a claim, and may mean that you travel with insufficient cover. If cover can be provided for your condition, you will be given a medical screening endorsement upon receipt of payment.

You must advise us if you are waiting for the results of tests or investigations, or awaiting a referral for an existing medical condition. Failure to contact us could leave you with no right to make a claim, and may mean that you travel with insufficient cover.

Note: your travel insurance will not pay for any medication or treatment which may be required to be continued during your trip to control any of these Automatically Accepted Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, for example the costs of Inhalers if you suffer from Asthma, or the cost of your regular check-ups you may need to have to monitor Diabetes. However, your travel insurance will cover the cost of any emergency medical treatment which may be required because of a change in your condition

Medical screening team

If you find that you are required to contact the medical screening team, you will be asked for the name of the policy against which you are looking to declare conditions, ie the “Go Walkabout – Walkabout Plus” policy or the “Go Walkabout – Economy 500” policy for instance.

You have the option of declaring the pre-existing condition either online using our underwriter’s medical declaration service, or over the phone via their medical screening team. For more information about each option, please select from below:

Online Medical Screening:
Please  to undertake online medical screening.

Medical Screening by Telephone:
If you would prefer to complete the medical screening process by phone, you will need to give our medical screening line a call on 0330 660 0563. They are available Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm.

They will ask you for the type of policy against which you are looking to declare conditions, as well as your travel dates and details of any medical conditions, treatment you have received in the last 2 years and any regular medication that you have had prescribed.

Please note that if an additional premium is required to cover your pre-existing medical conditions, then this payment should be paid directly to the screening team who will confirm terms of cover to you by email.

Medical screening team

Upon completion of the process (online or phone), and when any additional premium has been paid if necessary, you will be issued with a medical screening reference number which can be given to us over the phone or entered online at the final stage of setting up a policy online.

If your health or your ongoing medication changes between the date the policies were bought and the date of travel you must advise our underwriter’s declaration team on 0330 660 0563 as soon as possible. We will advise you what cover we are able to provide, after the date of diagnosis. We reserve the right to increase the premium, increase the excess, exclude the condition or withdraw the cover should the stability of the condition make it necessary.

If your answer to any of the medical questions changes to ‘yes’ at any point after the purchase of this policy, you must call to inform us of this change in health to ensure you are fully covered for your trip.

Please note: we will not cover denial of boarding by the airline so you should check that you will be able to travel with the carrier/airline in advance as regulations vary from one carrier/airline to another.

We hope that this information has been useful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

If you  are having trouble finding cover for a medical condition and meet the following criteria, please refer to the Money Advice Service’s Medical Cover Firm Directory

  • If you have been refused travel insurance because of a medical condition
  • If you have had insurance cancelled because of a medical condition
  • If you have been offered insurance but had a medical condition excluded
  • If you have been offered insurance with a medical condition premium of £100 or more per person
  • If you have been offered a policy in respect of which the medical condition premium is not known

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