Intention to Return

Your proof of intent to return to the UK

Under our standard single trip and multi trip policies (including Walkabout, Walkabout Plus, Working Holiday, Bronze, Silver, Gold, First Class and Economy 500) you will not be covered for a one way trip where you have no intention of returning to the UK. These policies allow coverage of trips where you do intend to return to the UK, but have not yet booked your return ticket, however in the event of a claim you may need to prove this intent.

If your intention changes (for example if you extend your visa or change flight) please let us know immediately – your cover may be invalidated if your change in plans mean you are no longer intending to return to the UK within the policy term or aren’t able to demonstrate this in the event of a claim situation arising.

Examples of what is acceptable proof of intent to return to the UK;

  • Confirmation of college / university place.
  • Contract of employment commencement date in the UK.
  • Rental agreement for property in the UK.
  • Hospital Consultant appointments in the UK.
  • Copy of log book confirming ownership of vehicle, with proof of current tax in the UK.
  • Court summons / appearances.
  • Mortgage agreement.
  • Current home / contents insurance (in the traveller’s name).
  • Future travel plans (flight bookings) leaving and returning to the UK.
  • Expiry of a visa (if your visa is extended then please inform us immediately so we can let you know if extended cover can be offered).

Examples of what is not proof of intent to return to the UK;

  • Payslip
  • UK bank account
  • GP / local surgery appointment
  • Wedding / christening / family event invitation

If you are travelling on a one way basis, emigrating or unsure when you will be returning to the UK then cover is available under our specialist one way policies. These policies offer cover for a period of time (up to 31 days once your destination country has been reached) to allow you to settle in and make alternative cover arrangements.

Please get in touch if you require clarification regarding the above or have something else to demonstrate your return to the UK that’s not listed above. This guidance is in place from 1st February 2018. Please note that a visa expiry is not considered by our underwriters to be suitable proof of intention to return to the UK for policies issued between 20th October 2017 and 31st January 2018.