Farm Work Insurance

Many travellers incorporate an element of farm or agricultural work into their Working Holiday away from the UK

It's important to make sure that your travel insurance can be tailored to suit your plans.

Many young travellers are lucky enough to head off to Australia on a Working Holiday visa, and they may also decide to stay longer with a Second Year Working Holiday Visa (a condition of doing this, is often, that you do some agricultural or farm work). Agricultural work can vary from picking fruit to mustering cattle on horseback – there are lots of different options and opportunities. Our Working Holiday policy can cover travellers doing these kinds of work worldwide, and offers a winning combination of flexibility and comprehensive cover.

Getting the right cover

Getting the right cover

Farms have the potential to be dangerous environments to work in, due to the many and varied hazards that can be encountered – such as unpredictable or aggressive animals, a colleague’s inattention when using some farm machinery or having an accident whilst driving a tractor. It’s imperative that you have the reassurance that any resulting medical costs would be covered – and in the case of a serious accident – that the costs of being repatriated back to the UK, would be covered.

Our working holiday policy

Our Working Holiday policy provides this peace of mind, as well as having the comprehensive cover benefits of standard travel insurance. The policy is very flexible, as you pick the right Work Pack for your individual plans, and adjust your quote accordingly.

Here are a few jobs of this type and the Work Packs that they fit into:

Work Pack 1 – Working at an animal sanctuary with farm animals , farm labourer with no use of machinery or contact with livestock, fruit picking without the use of machinery.

Work Pack 2 – Farm labourer using a tractor, machinery or working with livestock, farm manager, fence erector (with use of chainsaw), forestry officer, fruit picking with machinery

Work Pack 3 – Fish farmer, fork-lift truck driver, horse riding instructor, stable Hand

Work Pack 4 – Horse dentistry, mustering cattle on horseback, gardener with use of heavy machinery

It is an expectation that you receive appropriate training for the different jobs and tasks that you will be undertaking on a farm or agricultural setting.


Our working holiday policy
Policy restrictions

Policy restrictions

Please note that our policies do have some limitations, as we can’t offer cover if travellers are:

  • Working Underground
  • Working outdoors at heights above two storeys
  • Lifting weights in excess of 25kg


Also, please note that no cover would be in place under the personal liability sections of our policies whilst working and you would also not be eligible for the lump sum payments under the personal accident section, if an incident occurred whilst working. You would however, be covered for emergency medical expenses, that are the result of an accident at work. It is assumed that employers would have their own insurance in place for personal liability but it is advisable that you check this with prospective employers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, or if you would like a quote please complete this form. Alternatively, you can obtain a quote online using the link below:

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