Why we’re proud of our FEEFO Gold Trusted Merchant Award 2016!

18 February 2016

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We were excited and proud when our latest FEEFO Gold Trusted Merchant Award dropped onto our doormat recently. We received this highly-coveted and respected plaudit last year (2015) as well, (the first year we had been eligible to win one), so we’re delighted to have maintained the high levels of customer-satisfaction necessary to get the recognition again this year.

In order to receive this endorsement, businesses have to maintain a rate of above 95% of customer respondents providing a positive review, over the year, and receive more than 100 positive reviews in a year.

Our percentage of happy customers currently stands at a very healthy 98%, which reflects the consistently hard work we put in to assist our customers with choosing the right travel insurance for them, and offering the varied and comprehensive travel insurance products that are available through our website.

We’re  always delighted with the number of repeat customers that keep coming back to us year upon year, and our FEEFO reviews illustrate what our customers value in particular about Go Walkabout, and the fact that we regularly ‘go the extra mile’ that other travel insurers often fail to do.

The FEEFO process works by gathering the views of genuine customers who have actually bought one of our policies. FEEFO sends an email inviting them to leave a review, and customers have the option to do this, and reflect on the process of buying the policy, and also their feedback on the actual policies themselves.

The beauty of having an unbiased intermediary (FEEFO) initiating, gathering and displaying the feedback, is that customers can provide honest feedback to a neutral party, which then provides useful research for customers who are thinking of buying one of our policies, and also helps us to reflect and improve upon the service and products we provide.

Take a look at our Feefo reviews for yourself here.

We’ve gathered together a few of the reviews that have been submitted, to show you what our customers think of the different policies that we offer:

Feedback in relation to our innovative Working Holiday policy, which is designed to cover travellers who are including an element of paid or voluntary work into their time away from the UK:

“As I would be working with animals I needed to make sure I was covered for that. Go Walkabout was able to give me a quick and easy quote straight over the phone.”

 “The cover allows me to work in my chosen profession with the added bonus of being able to come back to the UK twice in a year. Also, if I decide to stay longer, there is an option to extend the cover for up to another year! “

 “Mark was exceedingly helpful, taking the time to go through all the options, and finding the best policy for me and my career. Most companies did not have a comparable policy to cover what I required, and for it to be as inexpensive as it was left me very happily surprised! No other company was able to offer anything remotely as flexible or as comprehensive as Go Walkabout. Hats off to you guys!”

Find out more about our Working Holiday policy here.

Read these pertinent customer feedbacks about our One-Way Emigration policies, that are used by people leaving the UK to move abroad, those returning to their home country, or travellers who don’t know if or when they will be returning back to the UK, and just want cover for a set period of time whilst they settle in:

“I was let down by my travel insurer when they said they would not cover us for our one-way travel to the US due to our move out here for my husband’s work. Go Walkabout responded quickly by offering a suitable insurance policy on the morning prior to our journey which also covered us in our first few days. Excellent service and very reassuring at a stressful time!”

“I needed a specialist one way policy and did a lot of research and Go Walkabout seemed the best in terms of service. I definitely made the right decision. They were very helpful and I left feeling that if I need to make a claim it will be dealt with promptly and that they will listen to any issues if they arise.”

Find out more about our Emigration Gold and Silver policies here.

Take a look at some of our reviews from older travellers, who bought our Economy 500 or First Class single trip policies, or an Annual Multi-Trip policy to cover themselves:

“As an over-sixties couple…we found this policy meets our needs at half the cost of other policies.”

“Ideal for my 10 week trip, being 69 and also accepting existing medical conditions. Have already recommended to a friend.”

“Good to talk to a real human being, on the medical questionnaire particularly. Seems good value, and available to oldies!”

Take a look at the Economy 500, First Class and Annual Multi-Trip policies here.

Here is some general feedback about the service that people value so highly when they are buying essential and comprehensive travel insurance:

“The sales representatives were excellent. They advised which package was best for our trip, along with additions such as the working pack and activity pack, this meant that we are fully insured for everything that we plan on doing during our trip.”

“We have used Go Walkabout for years, and mostly without any incidents. However when the wife’s mother died and she had to cut a trip short…the claim was settled in full.”

“I phoned up because I had made a mistake on the original application. The woman on the line was polite, friendly and more than helpful. In fact, she pointed out a couple of other mistakes on my part, which ended up saving me a significant amount of money. I have never received such great customer service from an insurance company.”

“Probably one of the best travel insurers in the industry. We all know that you don’t really know how great a travel insurance policy is unless you actually have to make a claim . I unfortunately had to make a claim on a previous backpacking trip and the matter got dealt with very efficiently- hence why I didn’t even consider choosing a different travel insurer for my next trip. I find that the product is decently priced and the product does what it says on the tin. Good work Go Walkabout!

Genuine customer feedback is more valuable than any praise we could heap upon ourselves, and we really appreciate our customers who kindly give their time to provide us with their thoughts on the products and service we provide.

Big Thanks from all at Go Walkabout!

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