Travel Insurance you can Trust

13 May 2021

Travel Insurance

The current travel restrictions can be confusing when it comes to setting up travel insurance. At Go Walkabout, we do everything we can to make sure that our policyholders have the right type of policy to cover their time away from the UK. Over the last twelve months, we have prevented 48 travellers from leaving the UK with the wrong type of policy which would not have given them the cover they needed. Of these 35% were already away from the UK or didn’t meet our residency requirements. 33% were travelling against lockdown restrictions. We were able to help 25% by converting their cover to policies which would cover them for legal travel reasons such as emigration and work trips. If you’re in any doubt about purchasing valid travel insurance, please contact us on 01424 223964 and we can guide you through the types of cover currently available.

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