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15 May 2018

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One of our areas of speciality is covering travellers heading off for a gap year, working abroad or heading away for a backpacking adventure. We regularly get to talk to the parents or guardians of people that are taking off in this way, when they ring up to get a quote for their son or daughter’s travel insurance.

Understandably, they are very concerned about making sure that they get the right cover in place, and often have lots of questions to make sure that the policy will cover all of their son and daughter’s plans. This may be the first time that they have had to think about getting cover that isn’t for a standard two-week beach break in the sun, so they may well feel out of their comfort-zone with the different variables that need to be considered, such as:

  •  Will the policy cover voluntary work?
  •  Can the policy be taken out for just part of my child’s time away?
  •  Will my son or daughter be covered for riding a moped whilst away?

These are all valid concerns, and if you are in any doubt, it’s best to take a look at the wording of your policy of choice, or contact the provider via email or phone.

We came up with the idea of putting together a ‘Parent’s Guide’ to address travel insurance pitfalls and many other concerns that parents may have, about their child’s exciting (but potentially, worrying!) travel plans, and hopefully address many of these questions – and alleviate some of the stresses and anxieties involved in children flying the nest for a while (possibly for the first time, without their parents)  – although we can’t promise that the whole process will be stress-free!

Sections include: ‘Where to Go’, ‘Travel Insurance’, ‘What to Pack’, ‘Finances’, ‘Keeping in Touch’, ‘Staying Safe’, ‘A Voluntary Teaching Work Case Study’ and ‘The Return Home’

You can read it here, so please do use this free resource, and we hope that it may make life slightly easier in terms of planning, practicalities and putting steps in place for it to be a memorable and magical time for your child to enjoy.

Please do let us know which bits you find particularly useful, and if you have any feedback at all.

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