All the World Cup Countries.. but in Food!

26 June 2014

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The World Cup Countries in Food!

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It’s always good to experiment with new culinary delights, and the current football World Cup in Brazil is as good a reason as any to embrace some of the favourite dishes from the different countries that are involved.

Lots of food manufacturers have jumped on the Brazilian bandwagon and have come up with themed World Cup offerings e.g. the KFC ‘Flavours of Brazil’ range or the Brazilian-steak flavoured potnoodle.  There is some debate about how authentic these dishes actually are, and whether Brazilian cuisine will prove to have a long-lasting impact on British diets.

Nutrition, and the food that provides it, is of course very important to the players themselves.  The familiarity and morale-boosting effects of a team’s favourite foods are not to be under-estimated.  Many took it as a good sign that the more relaxed regime of Roy Hodgson overturned his controlling predecessor Fabio Capello’s ban on tomato ketchup, although sadly this wasn’t enough to lift our national team out of the doldrums of defeat. Click here to read more about the foods that different teams have imported to fuel them through their campaign.

Now that England are sadly out of the competition themselves, it’s a great reason to go global and just embrace the World Cup as a celebration of all nationalities and cuisine involved! It may not be practical to physically visit all of the countries involved (and you may not fancy some of them!) but why not take a look at some of the dishes profiled below, and get a taste of a different culture without the involvement of a passport or an aeroplane….

I have a friend on Facebook who is regularly posting photos of his latest “World Cup Meal” where his cooking is inspired by a meal favoured by one of the footballing nations.  I have to admire his ingenuity and creativity, and want to help you to emulate his efforts by drawing together the most delicious dishes from all of the World Cup teams.  So why not, do the whole fancy dress thing, get creative with decorations and get some appropriate music on hand to create a party atmosphere.

Feast your eyes on these mains, drinks and sweets selections from all of the countries involved, to provide authentic refreshments:

Brazil – Brazilian Black Bean Stew, Brazilian Style Flan (Pudim de Leite Condensado),Brazilian Lemonade

Croatia – Balkan Scones with Pork Crisps, Croatian Gibanica Cake, the crocktail

Mexico – Chilli con carne, Arroz con Leche (rice pudding with raisin and cinnamon syrup), Lola’s Horchata

Cameroon – Njangsa Stew, Cameroon pancakes, Cameroon Cooler

Brazil – Feijoada, Coconut manjar, Caipirinha

Spain – Seafood paella, Bunyols with hot chocolate, Sangria

Netherlands – Hutspot, Tompoes, The Boulevardier

Chile – Chilean Butternut Squash Casserole, Que Que (Chilean Coffee Cake), Chilean Pisco Sour

Australia – Yummy Crispy Baked Fish, Strawberries and cream Bread, The 1788

Colombia – Encocado de Pescado y Camaron (Fish and Shrimp in Coconut Sauce), Bizcochuelo (Colombian Sponge Cake), Batido de Papaya (Colombian Papaya Smoothie)

Greece – Greek lamb with orzo, Warm honey cup puddings, Illiad cocktail

Ivory Coast – Ivory Coast chicken, Sables Coco (Coconut shortbread), Gnamkouji avec Jus citron (Ginger and Lemon drink)

Japan – Chicken katsu, Green Tea frozen yogurt with sesame brittle shards, Japanese Slipper cocktail

Uruguay – Estofado de Res con Champignones y Tannat (Beef Stew with Mushrooms and Tannat Wine), Dulce de Leche, Clerico (Uruguayan Wine and Fruit drink)

Costa Rica – Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Rice and Beans), Costa Rican Raisin Cake, Papaya Juice

Italy – Pizza margherita in 4 easy steps, Chocolate, pistachio and nougat semi-freddo, Sgroppino cocktail

Switzerland – Chicken stew with goats’ cheese polenta, Chocolate Fondue, Lumumba (Swiss hot chocolate with peppercorns)

Ecuador – Arroz con menestra de lentejas (lentil stew with rice), Flan de pina (Pineapple flan), Jugo de pina (Homemade pineapple juice)

France – French-style chicken with peas and bacon, White chocolate crème brulee, Blood Orange French 75 Cocktail

Honduras – Pupusas, Torrejas, Atole de Elote

Argentina – Milenesa a la Napolitana, Dulce de Leche Tiramisu, Cucumber mint spritzer with torrontes

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Chicken Bosnian Style, Easy Bosnian Cake, Boza

Iran – Luleh Kebabs (ground lamb), Paludah (Fresh melon and peach compote), Sour cherry syrup

Nigeria – Jollof chicken and rice, Caramelized Bananas, Nigerian Chapman drink

Germany – Chicken schnitzel, German plum cake, Strawberry Cocktail

Portugal – Portuguese Feijoada with shredded pork, Portuguese custard tarts, Portuguese Daisy cocktail

Ghana – Avocado and crab, Custard melkkos, Pineapple spice drink

USA – Roast sticky chicken – rotisserie style, Downeast Maine Pumpkin bread, Smooth sweet tea

Belgium – Ahoy there! Moules Marinieres, Liege Waffles (Belgian Pearl Sugar Waffles), Virgin Belgian orange blossom cocktail

Algeria – Garantita (Algerian chickpea pie), Algerian Basboussa (Somolina cake with syrup), Algerian Cocktail

Russia – Beef stroganoff, Chocolate jelly, Black Russian Classique cocktail

South Korea – Beef bulgogi, Pepero Cake, Soju watermelon cocktail

We hope you have lots of fun trying out these recipes from around the world, and we’d love to hear from you if you make any of the recipes featured, or find your own recipes for a themed Nationality evening.  Photos of you whipping up your culinary masterpieces, or enjoying the fruits of your labour will be featured in an upcoming blog article, and also in social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Go on, make our mouths water!

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