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Win a donation to an Australian bushfire charity and a prize for you too!

21 January 2020

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Update – Our winner Lauren Jamieson was picked at random, and she has received her prize. Our additional donation was also made at her request to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. Thanks to everyone who entered!


We cover lots of travellers to either go on a short break, take an extended Working-Holiday trip or emigrate to Australia – it is enduringly popular and offers so much variety and interest, to so many. The clue to our affection and regard for Australia, is of course, apparent by our company name! ‘Go Walkabout – meaning – Journey into the Bush to live in a traditional manner (Aboriginal Australian)’ We have an affinity and ongoing love of Australia, and it’s people and wildlife, and we want to raise awareness of some of the fantastic charities and organisations that have been doing fantastic work.

We’ve been deeply saddened by the recent bushfires in the country (one of the worst bushfire seasons on record). New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia have suffered the most , but other areas of the country have also been affected. Latest figures show that 29 people have been killed, 2, 500 homes have been destroyed, forests and farmlands have been incinerated.Experts make the tragic estimate that more than one billion animals have been killed in the recent Australian bushfires. Many lesser-populated animals now face extinction, and iconic animals like the koala and kangaroo have had their populations dramatically reduced, plus their natural habitats will no longer have the resources to support them. Although most of the fires have now been put out, there are still fires burning, and a need to help communities affected (both animal and human) in the immediate aftermath, and as rebuilding takes place in the future.

In order to support the fundraising efforts that are now being made to help both the people and wildlife of the country, to recover, we’re holding a competition to raise awareness of some great charities, and hopefully raise some more money for them too.

Please enter our competition, by simply answering a couple of questions about Australia, and you’ll then be registered to take part, and a winner will be picked at random, after the deadline of midnight on Monday 3rd February.

Our winner will win a £50 Amazon voucher for themselves, (which will no-doubt be handy in a long post-Christmas January!) and they can then choose one of the following charities to receive a £150 donation from us, to help continue their sterling efforts in the wake of this catastrophe:

The Longleat Charitable Trust

Longleat safari park in Wiltshire, is the only zoological collection in Europe to look after southern koalas. As well as donating money themselves, they have also sent out two of their dedicated koala keepers to help with the rehabilitation of koalas and other wildlife, in the worst-affected areas. They are currently fundraising for SAVEM (South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management), Manfred Heide Wombat Rescue/Wombat Hilton and Minton Farm Rescue, to help directly in South Australia.

Read more and find out how to donate here. And you can see some great photos and updates from the keepers on their Facebook page.

The NSW Rural Fire Service

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service accepts direct financial contributions from the public. Local RFS brigades are heavily dependent on volunteers and donations from their communities in order to have sufficient resources to keep fighting fires efficiently. 
You can take a look at their Facebook page for pictures and details of the challenges they face, and the great work that they do. You can donate, here.

WWF Australia

The WWF are known for supporting and protecting wildlife across the globe, and WWF Australia are dedicated to protecting the special indigenous wildlife of Australia, including koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, kookaburras, cockatoos and honeyeaters. 
You can take a look at how they are currently supporting wildlife in Australia in the aftermath of the worst of the bushfires, on their Facebook page. Read more and donate, here.

The Salvation Army Australia

The Australian Salvation Army have been active in helping communities affected by the unprecedented bushfires, across the vast country of Australia. Even after the fires have been extinguished, they will continue to help people who have been displaced, have lost their possessions or loved ones in the bushfires. They have also been supporting exhausted firefighters, by catering for them at the end of their long and exhausting shifts.

Find out more on their Facebook page and read more and donate here.

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