Why are Brits emigrating to New Zealand in record numbers?

21 April 2017

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It’s not hard to understand the appeal of New Zealand, to Brits keen to start a new life in a different country.  It offers a slower and more relaxed pace of life, the same language and family values, but all being enjoyed in a more favourable climate and the wide open spaces that the country is famous for.

Post-Brexit blues (plus a possible prediction of  an impending  General Election!)  may well also be a factor in explaining the recent statistics about just how many people are relocating from the UK to NZ, released by Statistics New Zealand.

They’ve highlighted that annual net migration rose to a record 71, 333 in the 12 months leading up to February 28th 2017 (it was 67, 391 for the same timeframe last year).  The total number of arrivals over the last year ( on either a permanent or long-term basis), equalled 128, 816  as opposed to 57, 483 heading away.

The vast majority of arrivals headed for Auckland (57, 156people), the capital city Wellington was also popular (9, 970), whilst the choice for most people in the South Island was Canterbury (12, 720).

Making up a good proportion of the statistics quoted, are those heading to New Zealand on a work visa, and just over a quarter of all work-visa migrants  to the land of the long white cloud, hail from the UK.

New Zealand has long been regarded as a good place to go to combine work and travel, as there are plenty of agricultural work opportunities, plus it is ideally situated to offer the opportunity to visit lots of bucket-list destinations in South-East Asia, whilst you’re there, as well as enjoying all that New Zealand itself, has to offer – skiing, a visit to Hobbiton and visiting any number of areas of outstanding natural beauty, to name but a few.

If a stint working in New Zealand sounds like something you’re interested in, then you can find out more information on the New Zealand Immigration site ,  you can currently apply if you are from the UK, are aged 18 – 30,  and you’d like to work there for up to 23 months. You also need to have a return ticket (or enough money to pay for one) and be coming mainly to holiday, with work being a secondary intention. It’s always best to check the up-to-date legislation in place, and leave plenty of time to research, apply and make the necessary preparations for your working holiday.

It’s not just agricultural  work that is available to people who head down under for work, other popular occupations that backpackers can  find work in is working in a hostel, retail work, hospitality, office work or work within the tourist sector.

Websites that may be useful in finding work in New Zealand include:

Finding and applying for jobs (New Zealand Now)

Job vacancy and recruitment websites

If up to two years in New Zealand isn’t going to be enough, and you’d like to relocate on a more permanent basis, then you can apply to do this by securing an appropriate visa. You can find out more details on the New Zealand immigration site here.

We are able to cover either your working holiday in New Zealand, or your emigration journey there, under our Working Holiday policy or one of our specialist Emigration policies.

Our fit-for-purpose Working Holiday policy offers comprehensive cover for a wide range of occupations, that standard travel insurance policies don’t cover, whilst also delivering great value-cover in key areas such as emergency medical expenses (including repatriation back to the UK) and cover for your cash and travel documents.  You can see more about its benefits and how it offers broader protection than a standard policy, here.

If you’re heading away on a permanent or long-term basis, then either our Emigration Gold or Silver policy will fit the bill. The policies offer invaluable peace-of mind as you embark on your relocation journey, and also continue for up to 31 days once you reach your destination country. You can read more about their benefits here.

All in all, it’s easy to appreciate the appeal of New Zealand, to people of all ages, and we’re happy to give you a quote for your trip there, if you give us a ring on 01424 223964, and we’re happy to discuss any questions that you may have about what is the best policy for you.






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