Thumbs-Up to the winners of our Keep Travel Fun Competition!

25 July 2017




If you were an entrant in our recent ‘Keep Travel Fun’ photo and caption competition – thank you very much! We were thrilled with the amount of people who took the time to enter, and also with the sheer variety and quality of the photos that we received.

As many of us prepare to head away from the UK for our Summer holidays – Keeping Summer Fun – is paramount in our minds! It’s great fun preparing for trips abroad, researching and planning what you would like to do whilst you’re away, but the foundation stone to build your plans upon, should always be a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Otherwise, all of your best laid plans, and your travel savings, could be put at jeopardy. Even if the worst happens whilst you’re away, then it can make the difference between having a temporarily bad time, to taking a really significant financial hit.

We asked you to enter your travel photos (from either abroad or in the UK) that encapsulated the slogan #keeptravelfun, along with an accompanying caption.  There were lots to choose from, when whittling down the entries into our ‘favourites’ shortlist, and they portrayed holidays both in the UK and abroad, and travellers young, old and every age in between!

The shortlist was then displayed in the foyer of the office where we are situated, and people were invited to choose their 3 favourites. We then totted up the votes for each picture, and found our winners. The shortlisted entries, that didn’t win one of the top prizes, all won a Go Walkabout beachball – which should help them add a bit of fun to their future travels!

Some pictures were poignant and emotive, some were entertaining and others were really inventive. Here are the Top 10 for you to enjoy:

Our Winner! Neil Hedge, who won a Fire HD tablet


Whilst out n’about sightseeing in India, the locals sometimes got over friendly…


One of our Runner’s Up – Fiona Haward, who won a travel sized scratch map


Loving exploring Canada on a road trip with the family. Being in a car for too long can get very  hot, so we needed to cool down in a passing lake (well, we were passing the lake, not the lake passing us!)


Our other Runner Up Natacha,  who also won a travel sized scratch map


Be at one with the locals!


traveladdict_drjonnybravo on Instagram




Rose Tabberer


Feeling on top of the world at Macchu Picchu!


Rose Williamson


This was taken atop of Mount Lemmon, AZ, overlooking the city of Tucson. Of course, I had to take this picture in order to give my friend’s mum a little scare! on Instagram





Annie Taylor


Le Carousel, Bryant Park, New York City “Life’s a Merry Go Round, so before the ride’s done, See the world, make new friends, seize the day! Every dawn’s a new page, who cares about age, Have a ball…having fun is child’s play.


Gillian McDonald

18342820_1528822070481610_3533774304739278634_n (1)

Family holiday at Bamburgh, Northumberland. Fresh air and freedom


Jenny Harden


Keeping in the swing of things in beautiful Sri Lanka


Michaelghutch on Instagram


Bali has the best sunsets. Here’s an arty shot of driftwood ft.Mike the human android. Ten points to whoever spots me.


Rebecca MacBain


Travelling makes us jump for joy!


Vidette Wong


The other half and myself love capturing our adventures, travels and fun days out! After all, what better way to capture a good memory or experience? This was us in Marrakech, Morocco! It was a perfect day out, and we sure had a lot of fun getting our high five wefie right!!



Emily Sims

37628040_img_4406 (1)

This was taken on our arrival at Euro Disney, which was a surprise for my children. They made me wear the ears as well, and we had a fun selfie…my Minnie Me’s


If you’re hoping to #keeptravelfun this Summer, then we have the perfect travel insurance policy for you! Take a look at our homepage and choose from our range of policies, tailored to cover everything from a fortnight of relaxation on a Mediterranean beach, to a year’s working holiday in Australia. And if our prices seem too good to be true – take a look at our feefo reviews to see why so many discerning travellers trust us to cover them year after year. You can bring our prices down even further, by  ‘liking’ our Facebook page, getting the discount code, and then buying your policy online.


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