Team Go Walkabout Set Sail for Catsfield Boat Race 2017!

6 June 2017

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Team Go Walkabout recently took on the challenge of the Catsfield Boat Race, all in the name of local good causes – and getting the chance to dress up in a bizarre and outlandish fashion!

It was the second annual Boat Race, and the first time that we had entered. The theme was  “Use your imagination”  – which entrants did, in lots of different ways! We embraced the theme of “Australia”, which we thought was an apt choice as we provide travel insurance for lots of people relocating to Australia, as well as those heading there for a year-long (or longer) Working Holiday.  We built our boat from flo-plast piping, to which we added cardboard, and decorated with Australian flags, as well as various examples of Antipodean wildlife, including Charlene the Shark, and Jock the Croc, in hot pursuit! Spectators, especially children, seemed quite taken with the reptilian rascal hot on our tail! In addition to this, we also made a mammoth effort to collect as many wine corks as we could, to dangle from the boat, this was one of the more enjoyable aspects of HMS Go Walkabout preparation!

17 boats in all entered, and there were 4 heats of 4 boats, and 1 with 5,  battling it out to be one of the fastest 2 from each heat,  to get through to the final. Spectators lined the triangular route, and encouraged our team of 4 round. It was quite a feat to run in unison, keeping the boat intact and manoeuvring around objects, people and other boats in our way…Unfortunately for our hopes of progressing to the next round of races, we only passed one boat on our way round, and were eliminated from taking part any further…..pheeew!

Other boats that took part were crewed by other local businesses, sports teams and community groups. They included a ‘Top Gun’ boat crewed by men in boiler-suits, a Steamboat Willie themed one (impressively complete with working steam funnel and bubble machine – and ultimate winner of the Best Boat title) and also a boat filled with nuns on the run!

No matter how short-lived our boat-racing career, we all had great fun, both decorating the boat beforehand and also enjoying the Family Fun day that followed the races, thankfully, blessed with a lovely, sunny day.

Here is a link to the official Catsfield Boat Race page to find out more: click here.

Here is a selection of our photos from the day, more are on our Facebook page:

We also attached a go-pro to the front of the boat (shark-cam) and have got a video of the race from our perspective:

Well done to all involved with organising and supporting the Event, and we plan to be back next year – more streamlining, more gimmicks and hopefully – not too much slower!

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