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6 June 2013

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holiday_music_videoAs someone who has always been mighty impressed by the ability of music video producers to put together a video where there are potentially multiple locations, possibly dance and other actions involved, as well as the performer/s lip synching seamlessly in time, it seemed beyond the reach of us mere mortals to even attempt such a feat of technical and creative brilliance!

Now, it seems that creating your own pop music video is now wonderfully achievable, thanks to the Video Star app, which is designed for both iPhone and iPad.  The app not only allows you to create your own videos and enjoy the limelight of pop stardom (at least on your own laptop!), but to share them with friends, family and a wider audience via Youtube, Facebook and Twitter posts.  The app has built-in effects that you can choose from, as well as making it easy for you to create your own multi-person multi-location video by feeding you the line/s that need to be synched – the director (you) can then decide how and where that line is delivered.

Imagine that you had gone on holiday with a group of friends or family (or you had made friends whilst away), how much fun it would be to shoot your own video with a song of your choice, and then have an entertaining and shareable video to commemorate what a fantastic time you were having, and then be able to share the video with others, either whilst you are still away, or on your return.

You could opt for a humorous approach in your video, or choose to highlight any natural beauty spots or landmarks where you have gone, you may want to include some of the locals that you’d like to remember or even somebody that you’ve shared a holiday romance with.

A music video of this kind is a great way to capture and relive people’s personality and humour, in a fun and interactive way that a photo would struggle to match.

The video is a tangible memento of the fun and bonding that can take place as part of a holiday, and of course, it’s something that children would love to be part of – and watch again and again.

This kind of app is another reason that the humble picture postcard is becoming relegated to the history books (although I personally still enjoy writing and receiving a postcard).

A recent survey by the flight comparison website Skyscanner, found that only 6% of us now send a postcard, 10% hook up on Skype and a hefty one in four of us connect through Facebook.

A spokeswoman for Skyscanner said:

“Social networks have transformed the way we communicate with the world. They have now firmly replaced the postcard as the most popular way to stay in touch with those at home and to share our holiday experiences.”

Facebook and Skype ‘killed the postcard’

You can see examples of videos that have been created using VideoStar and look at some tutorials to help you use it, here.  A lot of the videos here were shot in a teenage bedroom, but imagine how much more exotic and authentic they would look shot somewhere sunny and beautiful – and you don’t have to be a teenager to do it…

If you do shoot your very own video abroad, we’d love to see it! Share it with us on Twitter or on Facebook.

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