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17 March 2014

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We were thrilled with the volume and standard of entries we received in our recent travel writing competition, which had the theme of ‘Reinvention’ – to coincide with our soon-to-be launched sparkly new website – designed to make your travel insurance decision making and purchase even easier and simpler. 

The theme of reinvention was interpreted in many different ways, with some focusing on the way that a destination has been transformed or modernised, a change in the way that they travelled, whilst others focused on the way that travel reinvigorated their personal outlook on life and helped them gain a different perspective at a crossroads in their life.  People wrote about places all around the world, with some iconic locations being a popular subject matter, in keeping with the theme of perpetual rebirth, reinvention and improvement – ‘the city that never sleeps’ – New York was one such dynamic location, as was another hugely evocative American city – Las Vegas – the place where fortunes are regularly reinvented (for better or worse), and couples have the option of visiting an Elvis-themed chapel to be reinvented as man and wife! The Balkans were also a popular choice, in relation to their relatively recent modernisations, as was the vibrant Thailand, which has seen a lot of changes over recent years.

Closer to home, Liverpool, was a popular example of how a city can shake off its industrial and slightly down-at-heel past and become a cool, fashion-forward place, where new life and purpose is been breathed into redundant buildings and new initiatives pay off for the local community, and attract visitors to the area.  Cornwall – one of the unfortunate victims of the recent storms and flooding to hit the UK, was another location where writers united to marvel at the destructive power of nature, but also the resilience of local communities, who pulled together to get back in business for themselves, and those who continue to flock to this rugged and characterful corner of the UK.

Another pleasant surprise this year, was that we received a number of entries in poetry form, they were very entertaining to read, and the writers showed a clear talent for this style of descriptive writing.

We have compiled our selection of the best of the entries into an interactive map, that shows you the location of the place being written about, lets you read the entry, and shows you a photo – if one accompanied their piece.  Treat yourself to reading some (or all) of the entries, as they are very entertaining, they may inspire you to visit somewhere new, or challenge you to think about your travel choices and outlook on life.

It’s easier to read the entries if you view the entries on a larger map.

View Go Walkabout Reinvention travel writing map in a larger map

If you were one of the entrants in our competition, we extend our thanks for taking the time and effort to write your travel tale, and share it with us.  We really enjoyed reading them all, and we’re sure that lots of other people will find them hugely entertaining too.

The competition is now closed, and judging is taking place.  Once this process is complete, we will let the three winners know, and also publish the winners on our blog too.

But for now, why not enjoy browsing our map and enjoy the vicarious pleasure of reading our entries and enjoying the photos too…..

Reinvention Collage
Reinvention Travel Writing Photo Collage

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