Just the Job! The Most Wanted Occupations in Australia

12 September 2014

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If you’re keen to emigrate to Australia as part of their skilled migration programme, you’ll no doubt be aware that only people with specific jobs need apply!

The jobs that are most sought after vary by Australian territory, but it is interesting to take a look at the occupational ceilings that were recently released for the 2014 – 2015 financial year.

There have been some notable changes, with lower demand for teachers, accountants and construction trades, with the quotas for registered nurses, engineers and IT professionals increasing.

Nurses remain the most keenly sought-after profession, with the numbers increasing to 15, 042 places in the latest skilled migration programme. The demand for nurses is more than double any other occupation group.  There has also been a boost in the numbers of places for IT professionals and engineers, reflecting the fact that the quotas for these professions almost reached their limit last year.

It is interesting to see how demand rises and falls for different occupations as this sometimes reflect how the country’s culture is changing e.g. an interesting link has been made between the popular TV programme Masterchef (which has both Oz and UK versions) and Australian migration statistics! Apparently, there is a correlation between the healthy ratings of Masterchef – and an increased interest in all things gastronomic – and a significant increase in the number of cooks being approved for Australian skilled visas.  In other words, Masterchef whetted people’s appetites for fine dining and foodie culture, this is reflected in an increase in the amount Australian people spend eating out – and the demand for more chefs is created.

The reasons for  occupational ceilings being issued is to restrict how many invitations to apply are issued by the Department of Immigration each year for general skilled migration in a particular occupation.

Here are the Top 11 Occupations:

  1. Registered Nurses 15042 places
  2. Electricians 7854 places
  3. Carpenters and Joiners 7164 places
  4. Secondary School Teachers 7002 places
  5. Metal fitters and machinists 6816 places
  6. Motor mechanics 6444 places
  7. Accountants 5478 places
  8. Construction Managers 5178 places
  9. Software and Applications Programmers 5004 places
  10. Structural Steel and Welding Trades workers 4482 places
  11. Plumbers 4464 places

Even if your occupation hasn’t made the Top 11, it doesn’t mean that your job wont allow you to migrate down under.  You can check if you are eligible for a visa that is linked into the Skilled Occupations Lists here.

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