Jack in the Green celebrations in Hastings East Sussex:
A photo gallery

28 April 2017

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The 1st May is the start of Summer in the UK and has always been celebrated. This happens every year in the historic coastal town of Hastings, East Sussex. Famous for the pivotal Battle of Hastings in 1066 (even though the battle actually took place a few miles away in the small town of Battle) , there is more to this lively and artistic town than meets the eye (sorry, couldn’t resist this bad-taste pun!) One of the celebrations that puts Hastings on the map for both locals and tourists, is the annual Jack in the Green celebration.

Find out more about this colourful festival of fun and foliage by browsing the photos and information in our gallery.

This year’s Jack in the Green celebrations are once again happening in Hastings Old Town, and you can find out the details here about where and when things are happening. The Main Procession is happening on Monday 1st May (Bank Holiday Monday).

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