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11 June 2015

Travel Insurance

We have been delighted to see how popular our recently-launched Working Holiday travel insurance policy has been with our customers who are incorporating an element of paid or voluntary work into their trips away from the UK.

After spotting the need for this kind of policy, we created a policy that could be tailored to reflect the unique work and leisure plans of each individual traveller.

Mark Brunger, Business Development Manager at Go Walkabout, identified the gap for this kind of cover:

We have noticed more and more people who want cover for a variety of different kinds of work that they plan to do whilst away from the UK. Many have working holiday visas, or plan to work with a voluntary organisation. We wanted to take the hassle out of searching for a suitable policy, and offer great cover and flexibility as part of the new policy.”

Our new policy provides travellers with a transparent and simple way of taking the guess-work out of setting up a policy that will cover their plans.

Standard travel insurance policies may not cover work that involves interaction with animals, working with machinery or instructing/coaching sports, for example. Travellers may unwittingly buy a policy that doesn’t accurately reflect the nature of the work involved, so there is the potential for problems if a claim situation arises.

The Go Walkabout Working Holiday Policy includes comprehensive cover benefits, these are a few:

  • Cover of up to £2500 for trip cancellation
  • Cover of up to £1000 for your personal belongings, including a limit of £300 for electrical and photographic limit
  • Cover for loss or theft of personal money up to £500 and travel documents up to £200
  • Emergency medical expenses (including repatriation) of up to £10,000,000

For the full cover benefits, click here on the tab ‘Compare our Working Holiday Policy’.

The policy also boasts additional features that travellers can take full advantage of:

  • The ability to select the appropriate Work Pack to reflect the planned occupation/voluntary work. These can be added on to if people choose to do a job in a different Work Pack once away. Work Pack 1 is included as standard, and includes jobs like TEFL Teacher and Office Worker. To see the comprehensive Work Pack lists please click here.
  • Travellers can also choose an Activity Pack that includes the sports or adventurous activities that they plan to do in their leisure time. Activity Pack 1 is included as standard, more adventurous pastimes are in higher packs – again, these can be added to, whilst away.
  • Two return trips back to the UK of up to 21 days each are included, and there is an option to include up to 4 return trips back.
  • The maximum trip duration of up to 2 years. Travellers can also extend their existing policy whilst away, if they decide to stay for longer.

One of our customers who has already made the most of the new policy on offer is Simon Slater, who found us when searching for a policy to cover him for his upcoming extended trip to New Zealand:

Since the age of 17 I’ve wanted to work and travel in New Zealand. Now almost 30, and running out of time (due to age restrictions on NZ working holiday visas) I have been granted a 23 month working holiday visa. I have worked and travelled in Europe and visited India, but this trip is set to be different. Why? Mainly the length of time it’s taken to save for the trip, the organisation needed to get a visa, and the length of time I intend to be so very far away from friends and family.”

simon slater

Read more about Simon’s experiences here.

You can get a quote for your upcoming Working Holiday here or submit a request for a Working Holiday Travel Insurance Quote from us.

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