Have you supported your travel arrangements for Euro 2012?

7 June 2012

Special Events

Poland and the Ukraine are gearing themselves up for the upcoming European football tournament starting tomorrow. Those in charge of the event will be hoping that there is a last-minute surge in demand for match tickets, as it is reported that there are currently unfulfilled ticket allocations.

The UEFA president Michele Platini is reportedly unhappy that some Ukrainian hotels have hiked prices to an exorbitant level, with some reports suggesting that some accommodation-providers were hoping to charge fans 760 Euros (an exorbitant £620) for a night in a three star room. Sources in the Ukraine are keen to reassure fans that there are thousands of one, two and three star rated rooms still available.

The official booking site includes a useful match selector, which pre-fills dates and locations for those seeking accommodation, then runs an availability check and provides the results, complete with distances from the stadiums.

For those seeking to spend as little as possible on somewhere to rest their head for the night, there is the option of the new Carlsberg ‘Polish Fan Camp’ camping grounds offering space from 33 Euros (£26) per night. You can find out more details from

Another cost to be considered is the price of flights to the host cities, one potentially expensive option is a Ryanair fly in/fly out package, although this does remove the need for a hotel bed.
There is a lower-cost option to take the train between host-cities, if you have the time to consider this slower way of getting from a to b.

If you are planning to make the trip to Poland and the Ukraine to be a part of this footballing spectacle, best get a move on before the flights and accommodation reach capacity, and you will be forced to be no more than an armchair spectator.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of travel insurance when budgeting for your memory-making trip, it will give you the peace-of-mind to truly enjoy the experience.  Also, if you’re taking part in a spot of football or any other activity yourself make sure your travel insurance covers this.

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