For once, we are very happy with the Repeats!

24 January 2013

Company News

Repeat Custom for Travel Insurance

Here at Go Walkabout we are justifiably proud of our customer care and the great travel insurance products that we sell. We always do our very best to provide the most thorough and accurate information to our customers and to respond promptly to any queries or problems that they may have.

Customers can choose to purchase one of our products quickly and simply, using our easily-navigable website or ring our office directly to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team.

We were very pleased to notice that many of our customers buying new policies were in fact repeat customers – some of whom have purchased multiple policies in the past.  We thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at last month’s data (December 2012) and discover just how many of the customers who bought a policy, had indeed bought a policy at any time in the past.

After much scrutiny and number crunching, we were delighted to discover that an extremely healthy 21% of customers were returning to us again to provide their travel insurance. As a team who strive for customer satisfaction and goodwill, this was great news.

It was also interesting to note that of all the policies that were snapped up by our repeat customers, one policy stood out as a clear winner.  The Economy 500 policy was the policy of choice 61% of the time.  This was followed by the Longstay on 29% and then standing equally were the First Class (World Veterinary Service endorsement), our standard First Class, First Class emigration and the Backpacker (all on 2%).

All of these policies are fantastic products in their own right, but the Economy 500 is a good all-round favourite as it is great value, is available for people aged up to 85 (including for extended trips up to 18 months in duration for travellers up to 74) and has generous cover in place in all of the key areas :

  • £3,000 for Cancelling your Trip
  • £500 for your Personal Belongings
  • £250 for your Personal Money
  • £5,000,000 for Emergency Medical Expenses outside home country
  • £3,000 for Cutting short your trip
  • £2,000,000 for your Personal Liability

Plus lots of additional benefits to grant you extra peace of mind as you travel, whilst remaining a terrific value choice.

Here at Go Walkabout we are thrilled that so many of our valued customers are evidently happy with our customer service, the levels of cover that they have in place, and the response that is available if things do go wrong – a dedicated claims helpline and 24 hour Emergency Assistance number – that they place their trust in us on multiple occasions.

If you are unsure about which travel insurance policy is right for your individual needs then check out our benefits page or ring us direct on 01424 223964 for instant, friendly advice.  You can also obtain a quote and buy online by clicking here.

**The details of cover were correct at time of publication, but are subject to change. Please see our website for up to date policy types and benefits.**

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