Congratulations to our Win a Go Pro with Go Walkabout competition winners!

16 April 2015


Photos are a wonderful and lasting way of capturing memorable and magical moments of your holidays and trips away. In these days of sharing on social media, a great photo is a winning way of letting everyone see what a fabulous time you had – or at least, raising a chuckle or two!

Our recent competition asked you to submit your funny photos from holidays that you’ve been on, as well as creating a caption that sums it up in a humorous way. We were delighted to be inundated with lots of brilliant photos as a result of your travels – there was everything from mischievous animals and children up to all sorts of shenanigans, to famous landmarks and shots of tomfoolery from around the world!

We loved feasting our eyes on the array of entries here in the office, and after much deliberation and heated exchanges, have come up with our top ten, and ultimately – our well deserved winner and runner-up.

Our winner was a really creative idea that I just know my kids would love to try out, and the caption was great too….

Congratulations to Maz Stringer who is the winner of a fantastic Go Pro Hero Action Camcorder, which will no doubt come in very hand to record future travels for posterity.

Here is her photo:

shadow person

Our best holiday yet, without a shadow of a doubt!


A big well done too, to our worthy runner-up Jo Pilkington, whose photo was also very creative, and brought to mind happy family days spent on the beach, with just a few fluffy white clouds breaking up the blue summer’s sky. She wins a really useful £20 Snapfish voucher to spend as she chooses.

Here is her photo:


Would anyone like an Ice Cream?!


Eight other photos made it into our top ten, which are all brilliant photos to enjoy too:

scathing, posing and shy

Scathing, Posing ,and Shy.     Entered by Nick Board

foreign food

The foreign food didn’t agree with me!       Entered by Fiona Haward

taj mahal

I’ll take this one please!     Entered by Rose Tabberer

Karl Pilkington

Karl didn’t like to be recognised on holiday. He would hide behind a book so no-one could see him.    Entered by Jo Pilkington.


 How to tan those hard to reach areas !!    Entered by Diane Wareing


 No night in Budapest is complete without the YMCA. Entered by Shuo Huang.

under a rock

 I told you we should have stayed at home!!  Entered by Fiona Haward.

worship me

Worship Me!   Entered by Alex Sass.

Thank-you to everyone who entered, we really do appreciate it, and hope that you will enter future Go Walkabout competitions. You can have a look at all entries on our Facebook page in a special photo album of entries:  please click here. If you’ve got any future trips planned, you can also take advantage of our Facebook 10% discount code by Liking our page.

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