Boom in Over 50s Looking For Cheap Backpacking Insurance

4 May 2012

Travel News

There is a growing trend for the parents and grandparents of younger travellers to be inspired by what they hear as they return from their far-flung travels and to head off themselves for a trip to somewhere they hadn’t previously considered going.

Established travel destinations for the older holiday maker like the Canaries, Spain and Portugal are increasingly being shunned, in favour of destinations on the gap-year trail such as Thailand.

Research carried out for Thomas Cook, showed that one-in-ten over-50’s has been on holiday to a country that they hadn’t thought of visiting before, following an enthusiastic review by a returning younger relative.  Additionally, more than half of those over 50 plan to travel the world once they retire.  The research (of 5000 people, including almost 1000 over-50s) also highlighted the fact that the older generation are actively choosing an action-packed break, cramming in every activity and excursion that they can into their trip.

It seems that the travel bug is indeed catching, and that the over-50’s and indeed over 60’s are far from immune from chasing a new adventure.

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