Customer Case Study 2

Long stay trip to Australia

Satisfied customers purchasing long stay travel insurance for Australia

Mr and Mrs M are customers who have recently taken out one of our Economy 500 policies for a long-stay trip to Australia. 

Mr M found Go Walkabout after a recommendation on a forum, which rightly said that we can cover travellers who only have a one-way ticket booked when they leave the UK, as long as the traveller is planning to return within the policy term.  We are insurers who have the flexibility to extend your policy duration if your intention to return at a certain time changes while you are away.  If you call or email us before your policy expires, we can usually extend it, as long as the total policy duration doesn’t exceed our maximum stay of 18 months. 

We’re really pleased that Mr M found the quoting system on our website easy and quick to navigate and he was clear about the process involved in declaring a pre-existing medical condition.  When he rang our dedicated medical screening team he found it simple and straight-forward to talk to them, and find out how his conditions could be covered. 

When Mr M called our office and spoke to one of our customer-service team, he was reassured that the correct details were collected and that it was a thorough and efficient service.  The policy benefits were clearly explained and he understood that if a claim situation arose, he would need to be able to demonstrate that the couple were intending to return before their policy expires e.g. to attend a wedding, commencement of a job or the expiration of a visa.

Another factor in Mr M’s decision to choose us as his insurer, was that we were extremely competitively priced, as well as being willing to go ‘the extra mile’ and listen to him and understand his individual requirements.  In contrast to other insurers that he had tried, we could either suggest a Go Walkabout policy to suit his needs, or if we couldn’t accommodate his requirements – we could suggest alternative solutions to his particular issues. 

Overall, Mr M is confident that he has chosen an insurer that will cater for his and his wife’s individual needs, and is happy to recommend us to his friends, and return to us for his future travel insurance needs.

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