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Longstay & Backpacker Travel Insurance

Go Walkabout UK Based Customer ServiceWe offer a range of competitively-priced and comprehensive policies that are a great choice for people who are heading off for extended travel adventures. Travellers could be jetting off for a gap year, heading off on a working holiday visa, or simply ticking as many things as possible off their bucket list!

The 'Walkabout' policy is a great option for the budget-conscious, as it includes all the core elements of cover that you would expect from your policy, at an enviable price. The maximum duration is 18 months.

The 'Walkabout Plus' policy is our most popular policy of this type, as it includes all of the core elements of cover that you would expect, but also boasts extra benefits (such as cover for a lost or stolen passport or travel money) that offers valuable extra protection as you set off on your long-awaited trip. The maximum duration is 2 years.

Cover is only available to persons resident in the United Kingdom and is only valid for round trips starting and returning to the United Kingdom. If you have already left the UK, then our policies wouldn’t be suitable and we would suggest contacting World Nomads to seek out a suitable quote.

The Walkabout Plus and Walkabout policies allow you the flexibility to make unlimited return trips to the UK. Cover continues once you have left the UK again for the remaining duration of your policy.

Click here to obtain a Walkabout/Walkabout Plus quote though if your trip involves working please read the details below first  

Working Abroad

It’s important to get the right policy in place for your plans, so that if you are injured whilst at work, you will be covered under the emergency medical expenses section of the policy (which would include repatriation if necessary).

If you will be working in either a voluntary or paid role, during part or all of your time away, then you need to pick the right policy, depending on the type of work that you plan to do. If your work plans involve only bar, cafe, shop or office work, then you can be covered under our Walkabout Plus or Walkabout policies.

If, however, your work plans fall outside of these categories, you will need to take out a Working Holiday policy. This policy has been designed to cover a wide-range of jobs, including farm work, TEFL teaching and working in an animal sanctuary. This policy can be taken out for up to a maximum of 2 years away from the UK.

Take a look at our Working Holiday policy

None of our policies will cover you if your work involves:

• Working Underground
• Working at heights above two storeys
• Lifting weight in excess of 25kgs

Please note that no cover would be in place under the personal liability sections of any of our policies whilst working and you would also not be eligible for the lump sum payments under the personal accident section if an incident occurred whilst working.


Cover for Sports and Adventurous Activities

If your plans include an element of sporting exploits, there is a long list of sporting and leisure activities that are covered as standard under Activity Pack 1. If you are planning something especially adventurous or risky, you will need to add on an additional Activity Pack, to make sure that you are covered. You can check what activities are included in each Pack, and take a look at more useful information here.


You can see an overview of the benefits of all of our policies by clicking here.

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