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Veterinary Work Travel Insurance

In most cases we are able to offer a suitable travel insurance policy for travellers undertaking paid or voluntary work with animals (veterinary or otherwise), during your time away from the UK. You will then enjoy the peace of mind that our comprehensive travel insurance benefits (including emergency medical expenses) extend to times that you are at work too.

An important thing to note is that whilst working we are unable to cover you for any liability that arises from you undertaking the tasks of a vet or working with animals. Also, there is no cover under the Personal Accident section of the policy. The Personal Accident section provides a lump-sum payment in the case of serious injury or death and is different from the emergency medical expenses section of the policy. For example, if whilst working you lost a limb, your medical expenses including repatriation if medically necessary, would be covered, but you wouldn’t receive the lump-sum payment associated with loss of limb.

WVS Veterinary Trips

We have worked with the Worldwide Veterinary Service for a number of years, offering cover for their volunteers working abroad. If you are going to be undertaking a WVS trip working with either cats or dogs,  you can use the link below to obtain a quote and buy online:

Buy Travel Insurance For Your WVS Trip 


Non-WVS Trips Involving Work With Animals

Our Working Holiday policy covers a wide range of work-roles, including jobs where you will be working with animals. To find out more about the cover available, and get a quote, please visit our travel insurance for working with animals page:

Travel Insurance For Working With Animals 

If you would like us to provide a quote for your trip, please complete a quote request form and we’ll email you back with a quote that matches your requirements.

Please note that we are unable to cover multiple veterinary trips under an Annual Multi Trip policy, as this type of policy isn’t suitable when you are doing any voluntary or paid work.

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