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As you will be aware, there has been a lot of change and disruption in the travel industry since March 2020. As a result, we are currently going through some compliance changes with our underwriters and, for the time being, are unable to offer any new pet migration insurance policies. We will update our website again as soon as possible.


Arranged for Go Walkabout Travel Insurance, Innovation Centre, Highfield Drive, St Leonards, E Sussex TN38 9UH Our FCA registration number is 580218.
Telephone - 01424 223964. Email Underwritten by White Horse Insurance Ireland dac.
All of our documents are provided in PDF format. Click here to download free Adobe Reader.

Excluded Breeds

American Bandog/Bandogge Mastif Irish Staffordshire Bull Terriers
American Bull Dogs Japanese Tosas
American Pit Bull Dogs Korean Jindos
American Pit Bull Terriers Northern Inuit Dogs
American Staffordshire Bull Terriers Perro De Pressa Canarios
Argentine Dogos Pit Bull Terriers
Canary Dogs Presa Canarios
Cane Corsos Racing Greyhounds
Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs Sarloos Wolfhounds
Tosa Inus Dogo Argentinas
Dogue Brasileros Utonagans
Fila Brasileros Wolf Hybrids

Note: This insurance will not cover any payments for death
or vet’s fees on English Bull Dogs or Pugs.