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'Does what it says on the tin!

Go Walkabout travel insurance ‘does what it says on the tin!

When we looked at who was taking out one of our range of comprehensive travel insurance policies last year, we were thrilled to discover that 21% of our customers were repeat customers.  This statistic is a fantastic endorsement of the great value-for- money products and great customer-service that we provide to our valued customers – both new and returning.  It is brilliant news that our customers were so pleased with Go Walkabout that they placed their trust in us for the second, third, or an even greater amount of times, and we truly appreciate their loyalty and continued support.  More recently, we have launched a customer satisfaction rating system with Feefo, where customers can feedback about their experiences of buying travel insurance from us.  This currently stands at a very healthy level of customer satisfaction, and further underlines our ability to match a competitive price with great service and customer care.

Many of our clients find out about our range of policies via Money Supermarket, where we are flagged up as providing the cheapest travel insurance for people’s individual needs.  Some people may be hesitant about taking travel insurance out with us, as we are not one of the multi-national big name providers.  We pride ourselves on being a small UK-based company that was set up in 1999 to provide travel insurance to a broad range of customers including for travellers aged over 65 (including those with pre-existing medical conditions), those that are travelling away from the UK on a gap year or working holiday, and those who are migrating away from the UK. 

We are a member of BIBA (the British Insurance Brokers Association), and we are underwritten by URV (a large German bank).  We are also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so can offer our customers the same levels of security and financial stability that is provided by the larger (and potentially less-competitive) insurance providers.  As we are a smaller company, we also pride ourselves on providing personal and helpful customer service, and are always happy to chat to you via live chat on our website, or over the phone on 01424 223964 (option 1).  Our underwriters also offer a 24-hour emergency assistance line as well as a dedicated claims hotline if you need to make a claim.

We wanted to go beyond the statistics, and actually find out more about one of our loyal repeat customers, and why they continue to select travel insurance from Go Walkabout Travel Insurance in preference to other travel insurance providers. 
One such valued customer is Lawrence Lea, who has chosen to take out a Go Walkabout travel insurance policy for the past three years.  Mr Lea is 70 years old and goes to visit friends and family in New Zealand every year.  He mentioned that half of the other insurers that he made enquiries with, could not offer more than 90 days cover away from the UK, or that they weren’t able to cover travellers over-65 years of age. 

As he says;

“I have been a customer of Go Walkabout for the past three years and have always been happy with the way I was dealt with and served.  The policy covers everything I need it to do, I’ve always been happy and surprised with the low cost of the policy.”

Aside from the fact that Lawrence was pleased with the product and the service provided, when it comes down to hard economics, it was also the cheapest price that he could find.  Sometimes, the cheapest isn’t necessarily your best option, as it may not provide all the cover that you need.  However, the policy that he took out, was the extremely popular Economy 500 product. This policy is available for travellers up to the age of 74 (for long stay travel) and offers emergencymedical cover of up to £5,000,000 and cover for personal belongings of up to £500, with a valuables limit of £250.  There are also lots of other benefits included in this good all-round policy that offers great value-for money as well as great protection for travellers.  Find out more about our Economy 500 travel insurance policy.

Customers can choose to buy our travel insurance in a variety of ways – they can buy it via Money Supermarket, they can buy it over the phone, or they can buy it via our website.  Mr Lea readily admits that he is not the most confident user of computers, but was happy with our website and found it very simple to get a quote.  He also found it useful that he could buy the policy online, out of office hours. 

Apart from using the website, he has also rung to speak to one of our dedicated customer advisers as he “likes to call and speak to someone when it comes to insurance.” He got through to a customer advisor quickly, and “they dealt with all of his questions and clearly explained the features and benefits of the policy.  They were also good when he explained the nature of the trip and the reason for it”.  Our customer advisors don’t tell you what is the right policy for you, but they are happy to explain the benefits of different policies, and discuss your individual requirements with you.  One of these individual requirements may relate to a pre-existing medical condition.  If you have a condition that is specified here, then you need to ring our specialist  medical screening team, who run through some questions with you, before letting you know if they can cover your pre-existing medical condition, and how much it would cost (it may not cost anything).  Mr Lea found the explanation of pre-existing medical conditions straightforward and easy to understand.

He also summed up the benefits of choosing Go Walkabout Travel Insurance, as:

  • Good value for money for older travellers.
  • Able to cover longer duration stays away from the UK.
  • Easy and straightforward to purchase.  Does what it says on the tin.

Most people buy travel insurance in the hope that they will not actually need to use it, thereby putting the cover and the travel insurer to the test, but it is reassuring to know that when you’re buying insurance, you are not paying over the odds, and that you are putting your faith in an insurer that travellers opt for on more than one occasion. 

There is no greater endorsement than a happy repeat customer!

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